MOCAP - Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program


Virtual Learning & MOCAP

In 2018, state law changed to require school districts to advertise and pay for virtual courses approved in the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP). MOCAP (formerly MOVIP) is operated by DESE. As required by the law, DESE screens course vendors and lists courses available for students to take. If an eligible student selects a course in MOCAP, the district is required to negotiate a contract and pay for that course. A student is eligible to enroll in a course through the district if the student resides in and is enrolled in the district full-time, and the student attended a public or charter school at least one semester immediately prior to enrolling in the MOCAP course.

However, a student is excused from the requirement that he or she be enrolled in a public school for the previous semester if the student has documented medical or psychological diagnosis or condition which prevented him or her from attending school during that semester. A student may be denied enrollment in a virtual course if it is not in the best educational interest of the student.  The window for enrollment in Virtual Course is five days  prior to the first day of school and ends five days after the first day of school. Parents and students with questions about virtual courses can contact the Skyline High School Principal, Jason Koele.

A list of MOCAP course providers  and a course catalog can be found at The Hickory County R-I School District currently has a working relationship with the Launch Virtual School Program, available through  Springfield Public Schools.  This program uses certified Missouri Teachers and offers a means to keep updated on student progress.  



LAUNCH - Skyline's Online Partner



Launch is Missouri’s solution for course access issues for school districts and families in need of flexible and personalized learning options. Launch courses meet both individual student needs and the needs of districts seeking to provide virtual course options for their students.

Please contact Mrs. Cheek for questions regarding Duel Credit online courses. Below are Skyline Virtual forms and the Virtual Handbook.