Skyline is starting a new program which will transport students to pre-determined drop off locations after tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  After tutoring on those days, students will load the bus around 4:45pm.   Parents who wish for their child to ride the bus after tutoring will need to complete the following form.  (one form per family)  

Tutoring Permission Form:  (<----click here)

Drop off locations and times are as follows:

Southern Locations

  • Main Street in Urbana (in front of post office)  Drop off at:  4:55pm
  • Melton's Station (corner of 64 and 73)  Drop off at:  5:05pm
  • Tunas Christian Church Drop off at:  5:15pm

Northern Locations

  • Preston Square  Drop off at:  4:55pm
  • Cross Timbers Square  Drop off at:  5:05pm
  • Junction of F and P Hwy  Drop off at:  5:15pm